Long Term Financial Stability

  • We must continue to support long-term sustainable budgets. We need to efficiently fund those services most important to all citizens, including public safety and infrastructure investments.
  • We cannot allow any increases in the property tax millage rate.
  • We must be vigilant in maintaining a limited, but efficient, city government
  • We must continue to assess the effectiveness of all departments in the city and the efficiency with which they use your tax dollars.
  • We need to continue to grow our rainy day fund to help us fund future, unanticipated expenses or sustain city services during the next economic downturn.

Infrastructure Investment

  • Johns Creek’s ability to attract new residents and businesses will, in part, be based on continued investment in our roads, sidewalks, bridges, bike paths, and green space.
  • Attracting new residents and businesses requires continued investment in quality roads and bridges that can effectively handle the number of existing residential and commercial properties.
  • In this era of tightly constrained municipal budgets, clear priorities must be established for the important infrastructure investment dollars.
  • Sidewalks and bike paths, an often overlooked part of our infrastructure investment requirements, can often provide an alternative to driving, but are also an important component of making Johns Creek a more livable city.
  • Every successful and vibrant city requires green space for recreation.  Effective long-term planning for land acquisition and zoning is a priority.

Economic Development

  • Attracting the right types of businesses, both small and large, is a priority for Johns Creek.  The mix of businesses is critically important as it impacts the tax base, traffic congestion, and the city’s reputation.
  • Successful economic development must be led by the city officials, but it also requires effective teamwork with Johns Creek Advantage, Johns Creek and North Fulton Chambers of Commerce, the Georgia Department of Economic Development, Development Authority of Fulton County, and other public and private agencies.
  • A long-term master plan for future commercial development, whether it’s the redevelopment of Tech Park or a city center, should be among the priorities for the City Council to consider.  Leadership in zoning and planning is required to avoid a hodge-podge of development concepts that will lack the synergy required to move the City forward.
  • Efficient city regulations and business-friendly licensing requirements are important components for successful economic development.

Tough Ethics Laws and Transparency in Government

  • Complete transparency in city government operations should be demanded by all citizens of Johns Creek.
  • All elected and appointed officials should be held accountable for their actions under standards established in tough ethics laws.
  • The Citizens of Johns Creek should have real-time and recorded access to all City Council meetings through on-line web streaming services.


  • No issue affects the day to day life of Johns Creek residents more than traffic delays on our major roads.
  • We cannot allow additional growth in Johns Creek without an effective plan to improve traffic flow along the major arteries.
  • Innovative approaches must be studied and piloted to improve mobility, while, at the same time, preserving the existing character of Johns Creek.
  • Transportation and traffic planning must be coordinated across the multiple counties and cities that are the source of traffic traveling through Johns Creek.
  • Above all, the number one goal in developing a long-term traffic management plan is to maintain and enhance the quality of life for our residents.


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