An Open Letter to the People of Johns Creek

Thank you for sharing a few minutes of your time to review my website. Johns Creek has made significant gains since its founding and I’m proud of City Council’s accomplishments since my first election in 2014. We have great schools, a thriving small business community, and a variety of arts and recreational opportunities. The continued success of City of Johns Creek is dependent on maintaining a limited, but efficient city government. We need to properly balance the outsourcing of services versus those services provided by city employees. Finally, we need to ensure a continuing investment in our infrastructure of roads, bridges, and green space.

No one is more capable of taking on complex problems and helping to lead this city than me. Since my days in college as a nuclear engineering student, I have been taught how to tackle the most complex of problems. This knowledge, along with leadership skills honed in the United States Navy and a variety of senior corporate positions, makes me uniquely qualified to lead Johns Creek in the issues facing the city.

When asked why I want to work with the City Council, it comes down to this … I live in Johns Creek. I raised my children in Johns Creek. I run my business in Johns Creek. Johns Creek is my life. I owe so much to this city and am honored to serve its residents.

While serving on City Council, I will continue to support and provide focus on the City’s strategic goals (additional details can be found on the City’s website):

  • Goal 1:  Transportation – Provide a comprehensive transportation network that facilitates ease of movement throughout the City.
  • Goal 2:  Recreation & Parks – Ensure a complete recreation and parks system that aligns to the goals and needs of the City.
  • Goal 3:  Economic Development – Implement a holistic economic development plan approach that addresses infrastructure, workforce, community, and land development needs.
  • Goal 4: Government Efficiency – Develop an innovative and cost-effective approach to exceptional service delivery.
  • Goal 5: Public Safety – Provide leading levels on public safety.
  • Goal 6: Sense of Community – Preserve our residential character and enhance our sense of community.

To the people Johns Creek, I thank you. Thank you for your support, but more importantly, thank you for making Johns Creek such a wonderful home town.


Steve Broadbent