The City Council has many notable accomplishments since my first election in 2014:

• Reduced the millage rate, thus saving business and residential property owners significant taxes;

• Reduced the municipal budget by two million dollars in 2016 and again in 2017, with the contract services analysis expected to result in further savings and efficiencies;

• Resurfaced neighborhood roads for the first time in decades and set the path for their continual maintenance;

• Reduced traffic congestion throughout the city by completing the Intelligent Traffic Management System (ITMS) and making significant road and intersection improvements;

• Initiated the development of a master transportation plan for the city in concert with adjacent municipalities and counties and in collaboration with ARC, GDOT, and MARTA;

• Developed a strategic parks and recreation plan;

• Voters approved a $40M parks bond for the development and acquisition of new park land;

• Johns Creek received a AAA credit rating for the parks bond (Very few cities across the U.S. have received a AAA rating in their first credit review);

• Five park land acquisitions have been completed in the past two years, which includes nearly 200 acres along the Chattahoochee River, and Johns Creek has now more than doubled its available park land to approximately 360 acres;

• Reversed the trend towards higher density development and initiated the update to the comprehensive land use plan to guard the city’s vision of a premier residential community;

• Developed a Strategic Economic Development Plan to strengthen and grow the city’s economy while leveraging the tremendous talent in our community;

• Implemented a ten-year financial model that enables the city to be run as a business with proper consideration of operating, capital and cash needs in all decision making; and

• Initiated the process to build a fourth fire station to serve the northwest section of the City with the intent of new station being operational in 2019.

Paid for by Steve Broadbent for Johns Creek.